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Why February 2nd means tamales?

February 2nd is a popular day in Mexican culture, named "Día de la Candelaria". That festivity starts around Christmas time, when Jesus birth is celebrated around the world. Then, In January 6th, a baked good named "Rosca de Reyes" is served and enjoyed all around Mexico.

What is Rosca de Reyes? Rosca de Reyes is bread stuffed with few pieces of babies made of plastic, which represent when the Three Wise Kings offered gifts to Baby Jesus. If you get one of this plastic babies, you have to buy tamales for everyone, as an offer to celebrate that Baby Jesus will get dressed in order to get ready for Easter Holidays.

So, if you had Rosca de Reyes and got the baby, you have to buy tamales. There is no choice. You have to deliver. You can find a wide variety of Tamales here at Perola's such as: Mole con pollo (Mole sauce with chicken) , Salsa verde con pollo (Green sauce with chicken) and rajas (Poblano string tamal). Fresh, delicious and ready to be enjoyed.

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