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Christmas time is Hallacas time!

Do you know Hallacas? Hallacas is a delicious dish from Venezuela and Colombia made of corn, chicken or beef, spices, among other things, wrapped in banana leaf. This flavorful dish means family union and it is made especially at Christmas time.

What's the origin of Hallacas? Hallacas were born as a way of mixing up Christmas leftovers. A smart and flavorful w

ay to put dishes and flavours together. It became so popular that this dish turned into a tradition during Christmas time.

Hallacas are surprisingly easy to make! You can try making this dish for the holidays. All the ingredients you need are banana leaves, ají, annatto, cornmeal, capers, cooking wine, sweet cane and a cord to wrap them up.

At Perola's we have all of them in stock! So you can surprise your loved ones with this traditional dish or make it for someone who is away from home. Give us a call or order online by chat.

Here at Perola's, we wish you and your family a Happy Holiday!

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