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Ecuadorian Fanesca: the 12-grains soup

Easter is upon us and that means it is time of Fanesca. You may be wondering, what is Fanesca? Well, Fanesca is a traditional soup from Ecuador that is made with dried fish, milk and 12 type of grains such as fava beans, corn, chochos, mellocos, etc.

What is the origin of Fanesca? Fanesca (or Ecuadorian Easter Soup) was made before 1526 to celebrate the start of a new cycle. When the Spaniards arrived to Ecuador they added fish to the original recipe and gave the 12 types of grains the meaning of the 12 apostles, who were the disciples of Jesus Christ.

This soup is a delicious dish that you have to try and there is no better time to do it than now, as we are heading to Easter. If you want to make it or planned to receive Easter tasting this flavourful dish, here at Perola's you will find all the authentic ingredients. If we do not have it, nobody does.

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